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Decision preventing Nurul Izzah from entering Sabah based on the law

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The Sabah Immigration Department’s decision preventing PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar from entering Sabah on Thursday was based on the law.

Tourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz said the Sabah Immigration Department had specific reasons to do so based on provisions of the law for the safety of Sabahans.

“Under our law, the Sabah Immigration Department belongs to Sabah. As such, it has the right to prevent or allow anybody to enter Sabah,” he said when commenting on decision preventing Nurul Izzah from entering Sabah to attend Pesta Kaamatan.

Mohamed Nazri believed the decision would not affect Sabah tourism as any individual who enters the state should produce identification card as stated in the agreement between the Federation of Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak.

On Friday, Sabah Umno deputy chief Datuk Seri Salleh Said Keruak fully supported the state government’s decision to ask the Sabah Immigration Department director to prevent Nurul Izzah from entering the state.

Sabah Immigration Department director Noor Alam Khan Abdul Wahid Khan said the decision preventing Nurul Izzah from entering was done under Section 65 (1) of the Immigration Act 1959/1963 on the order of the Sabah government. Noor Alam Khan did not say why.

Mohamed Nazri said the Sabah government has good reasons to prevent any individual form entering to ensure the interest and stability of the state.

“While we all celebrate Pesta Kaamatan, we want the people to rejoice enjoy a peaceful life. We don’t want any trouble as election is over and must accept the result but the opposition don’t and hold demonstration all over the country,” he added.

Asked about Nurul Izzah’s threat to sue the Sabah government and the Chief Minister, Mohamed Nazri said it was stupid and was not surprised as the Lembah Pantai Member of Pariament is not a legal expert and a novice in politics.

Source: New Sabah Times


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