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Masidi hopes liberal education policy in Sabah continues

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Sabah has a liberal education policy and this allows students in the state to excel, state education exco Datuk Masidi Manjun said.

“I hope the Barisan Nasional (BN) government will continue to have a liberal policy for education so there is no doubt we can help more of our students excel in their studies,” he said at the first nationwide Hakka Popular Songs singing contest on Saturday night.

The event was held to raise funds for Heyuan Malaysia Education Fund.

Masidi, who was invited to officiate at the contest, congratulated the organisation for its noble deed of providing financial aid to members’ children who qualified for the assistance.

“I would like to congratulate Datuk Jimmy Tham and his committee for taking the initiative to raise funds for the schools and for the promotion of education … it does not matter which schools they go to.

“You see in Sabah, we do not have any problems with bumiputeras studying in Chinese medium schools, and in Ranau, where Datuk Jimmy and I come from, 60 per cent of the students in Chinese schools there are bumiputeras.

“And although I am not Chinese, I am also the chairman of the fund-raising committee of a Chinese school in Ranau, because I believe education is for all, it doesn’t matter which school you attend, it is the end result that is important,” Masidi who is also Karanaan assemblyman, said.

He added that Sabahans were lucky as the state government gives generous contributions to the Chinese schools here.

“Nevertheless it is not enough, and therefore associations and organizations still have to take the initiative to organize various events to raise funds for the schools,” he said.

The state Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister also congratulated the welfare organisation of Heyuan Malaysia for choosing Sabah as the host for its first nationwide Hakka Popular Songs singing contest.

“Nowhere in Malaysia can you find Malaysians living together harmoniously as Sabahans are never bothered about race or religion. If you want to find the best Malaysians, Sabahans are the best Malaysians.

“I hope the non-Sabahan participants of tonight’s event can see for themselves the unity and harmony in Sabah. I am very glad to say that politics is never a problem in Sabah. We may have different political ideologies but Sabahans always live in peace and harmony,” he said.

Source: Borneo Post



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