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Career in police force promises bright future

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Life in the police force can be highly challenging yet rewarding.

A career of upholding the law and serving the people was one of the best choices of her life, said ASP Rodiah Mohtar, 48.

“Being a policewoman has taught me a lot of life lessons like patience and discipline,” she said, adding that it has made her a much better person.

She joined the force because she admired those in uniform like her father, who was in the army.

“I remember feeling so proud the first time I wore it,” she said at Bukit Aman yesterday.

ASP Rizal Abdul Rahman Sidek, 38, said he loves meeting people from all walks of life.
“I get to see many people and help solve their problems,” he said.

He added that it was an exciting job despite the long and sometimes unpredictable hours.

“I love what I do but there are sacrifices, like the limited family time,” he said.

For DSP Osman Mamat, the job always comes first as the uniform comes with a responsibility to serve the people.

“When I joined the force in 1981, my salary was RM270 per month. You do not join the force to become rich,” he said.

He said one of the most haunting memories of his career was being one of the first rescuers during the Highland Towers tragedy.

All three of them said they would recommend people to join the force as it promises a bright future for those willing to work hard.

“Those who join must have a passion for the job and be ready to sacrifice for the greater good,” they said.

Source: The Star


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