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 Najib (left) hands over the documents of nomination and BN Pledge to Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman (right) who is also Sabah BN chairman

KUALA LUMPUR: One-third of the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidates for parliamentary seats at the 13th General Election (GE13) will be new faces while almost half of its candidates for the State Legislative Assembly seats will be new ones.

And describing the line-up as the “Transformation Team for BN”, Prime Minister and BN chairman Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak expressed confidence it was the strongest team and could fulfil the ‘Aku Janji BN’ or the ‘BN Pledge’ and drive the government transformation plan.

He said 33 per cent new faces would be fielded for the parliamentary constituencies while for the State Assembly seats, 49 per cent would be new faces.

Najib said this was to meet the wishes and expectation of the voters who wanted to see that the BN and Umno were prepared to make the change.

He said the balance between new and experienced candidates was most important because the BN did not want to merely highlight the changes but as a party, the coalition should have people who could administer and deliver the aspirations of the people.

“If everyone in the government are new faces without any experience, this will hinder the BN government’s ability to fulfil the wishes and expectation of the rakyat,” he told reporters after handing out the documents of nomination and BN Pledge to the presidents of the BN component parties and state BN chairmen, here yesterday.

Najib pointed out that 91 per cent of the BN candidates for the parliamentary seats have minimum academic qualification of a diploma.

And, he also said that 31 per cent of the BN candidates for parliamentary seats comprised professionals including academicians, doctors, lawyers as well as ulamas.

“In addition, there are also candidates who are popular individuals at the grassroots level…the focus is on their capability to become grassroots leaders,” he said.

Saying that the candidates list was also balanced with the participation of women and youths, Najib said that most of the new faces were being fielded in the opposition-led states.

The Prime Minister also hoped that the evaluation on the line-up of candidates would be looked at from the whole context – not only those who are contesting but their capability in the context of forming a solid and strong government that could fulfil the needs and expectation of the people in future.

“We cannot just look at this general election but should look at the subsequent developments, because we must have a line-up that can implement all the BN pledges,” he said, referring to the BN election manifesto launched recently that consisted of 17 issues for the prosperity of the people.

Najib added that the ability to fulfil the BN Pledge was among the principles adopted in deciding the final list of candidates.

Taking the opportunity to record his appreciation to the former BN elected representatives, Najib, who is also the Prime Minister, said those not selected should not look at it as a denial of their services and contributions all this time.

“It does not mean that those who are not selected have failed, or have problems or disputes, but under the circumstances where the community and voters demand for change, some of the members have to make way to enable the changes to be carried out,” he said.

He hoped that they would continue to give their support and contribution to the party during and after the general election.

Asked whether he was worried about the disappointment that might be felt by those not picked to stand in the election, Najib said: “I am more worried about the disappointment of the rakyat.”

Asked about the possibility that the candidates list would be amended, Najib said : “This is the final list. I don’t anticipate the need to change.

”...I hope such a situation does not arise. Legally and technically it can still be changed, but we are hoping that this is the final list,” he ) added.
Source : New Sabah Times 

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