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Sabah BN has done a lot – Jainab

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KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Barisan Nasional (BN) has done a lot of improvement in the state and has proven its good track record, said Karambunai candidate Datuk Jainab Ahmad Ayid.

Speaking to reporters after launching SMK Likas student award presentation at DBP building yesterday, she stressed that BN was committed to bring about more infrastructure development throughout the state if it won the May 5 election.

“The opposition parties will use any issues to fish for sympathy votes, including playing up various problems in the interior. We admit there are many things thet need to be improved, especially infrastructure in the rural areas, but they must understand all development must be done in stages, as allowed by the limited budget.

“If we have 10 children, it does not mean we can buy 10 new shoes for them at a time. We must spend our money wisely according to what we can afford. We can buy two or three shoes this month and next month we buy for the others,” she said when commenting on many statements from opposition parties blaming BN for the lack of infrastructure development in the interior.

Jainab said every project proposed by the government was not meant to be completed within a month or a year, but it needed to be implemented according to budget and priority.

She said the people must look at all development by BN, compared to many false promises by opposition in the states they won in 2008 election.

“There are many promises in Selangor not fulfilled by the opposition. It shows that they are blaming BN without looking at the states under their control,” she added.

Earlier in her speech, Jainab said parents should support and assist their children in making decisions for their future.

She said parents must support their children not only in their academic but also in co-curriculum activities because every student has different interests.

So she urged parents and teachers to work together to know more about talents of students.

A total of 159 students received their awards at the event yesterday.

Also present were SMK Likas principal Naelah Mustafa and Patent-Teacher Association chairman Ahmad Barawi Moktar.

Source : Borneo Post 

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