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Opposition resorting to personal attacks – Yahya

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PUTATAN: Opposition members have changed their tactics in fishing for votes, according to
Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Yahya Hussin.

Instead of focusing on their party manifesto, they now focus on their challengers, shooting various allegations that are very personal in nature, he claimed.

Yahya, who is incumbent BN-Umno candidate for Putatan state seat in the 13th general election, said he had not been spared the personal attacks by the opposition.

“I was attacked, and so was Datuk Marcus (Mojigoh, incumbent BN-UPKO member of parliament for Putatan),” he said after launching the SK Tombovo joggerthon at Kampung Tombovo yesterday.

“I think they have run out of things to say, so now they focus on attacking their challengers with some very personal issues. Instead of focusing on the needs of the people and the betterment of the constituency, they focus on character assassination of their challengers,” he said.

Yahya likened opposition leader D
atuk Anwar Ibrahim’s remarks aimed at Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as similar in nature.

“It seems to have become a trend – these personal attacks,” he said.

He stated that the BN manifesto promises, among others, more developments and transformations – better infrastructures for the people, improved health and educational facilities, productivity and stronger focus on keeping the peace and prosperity of the country.

“We focus on the people, not on personal issues … the people, in general, are happy with the BN government. Anwar, during an interview with an independent foreign journal was unable to reply to his interviewer when he was told the people in Malaysia were happy with how things were going for them in the country.”

He urged the constituents not be swayed by talks of the opposition.

“Focus on what is important, and that is on the prosperity of the whole nation,” he said.

Meanwhile, Marcus, who was also not spared of personal attacks from DAP, said he found out about DAP Putatan parliamentary candidate Joseph Lee’s personal attacks on him recently.

Lee had allegedly questioned the authenticity of Marcus’ tertiary qualifications.

“I am not surprised. That is their culture,” said Marcus when contacted.

However, he was not the least perturbed with the ill-meaning comments made by the opposition candidate and said Sabahans were civilised people and would know how to judge a person based on the comments they made.

“Our parents and grandparents have taught us to be cultural, to be courteous and to act gentlemanly. I don’t know about his background, but people can judge that. He is young and immature and still has a lot more things to learn when it comes to respecting other human beings. DAP should have chosen a better person,” he said.

“Sometimes, I feel like agreeing with what Datuk Yong (Teck Lee) said about certain individuals in DAP – that they are ‘setengah tiang’. I am not saying they are but it made me laugh when Datuk Yong said so. I hope this young man will learn how to be polite to others,” he said.

Marcus also defended his qualification.

“Don’t question my qualification. I am a professional man. I obtained my degree from the University of Otago, New Zealand under a state government scholarship. And I definitely did not pay for it because it was the government that paid for my educational expenses, which means that it is the rakyat’s money.”

He added that he received government sponsorship because of his poor family background.

“My parents could not afford my educational expenses,” he said.

Source : Borneo Post 

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