Monday, May 28, 2012

Sabah: Infrastructure lacking for creative industry

Posted by Smookiekins On 5/28/2012 04:15:00 PM
The creative industry in the state would require shrewd and daring investors to turn Sabah into a one-stop centre for movie and documentary productions.

 Creative Industry

Assistant Minister of Resource Development and Information Technology Datuk Jainab Ahmad Ayid, said there would be thousands of employment opportunities created for the locals if the creative industry were to become an income earner for the state.

“Previously we used to see foreign production companies making Sabah their shooting location for their movies and documentaries, and national producers and directors have begun to follow suit. There are undoubtedly problems faced by the production houses. They have to spend huge sums of money to transport their equipment only because no one in Sabah has them,” she said, adding that the State being endowed with naturally scenic spots, has innumerable potentials to offer to the industry.

She issued a challenge to investors to provide the necessary infrastructure support for the creative industry to gain a foothold in the State.

“I challenge the local investors to provide equipment for the creative industry in Sabah because we are more than capable than just being treated as a shooting location by those production houses,” she said at a passing out ceremony for 24 trainees of Puri Ratu Beauty academy yesterday.

Source: Borneo Post


  1. Ya, the creative industry in Sabah is certainly lacking, the government should give boost to the creativity industry and encourage local artist and investors to get more involved.

    1. Industri ini perlu ada bantuan kerajaan.

  2. Sabah have lots of potential to for shooting because of the beautiful scenery, only if the necessary infrastructure support are more complete, then more foreign production teams will come to Sabah.

  3. Sabah ada banyak bakat baru dan berpotensi.

  4. berbanding dengan negara2 lain, peluang pelaburan di Sabah masih terbuka luas dan masih kurang persaingan.. jika rakyat dapat memanfaatkan kelebihan negeri ini, saya yakin, bukan sahaja dapat meningkatkan ekonomi rakyat malah dapat membantu dalam pembangunan ekonomi Sabah..


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