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“Lain Kali Lah” song a hit on internet

Posted by Smookiekins On 5/18/2013 10:11:00 AM

After just five days being posted on Youtube, the song “Lain Kali Lah” has become the latest Internet sensation garnering positive reviews from Internet users throughout the country.

Sung by iconic singer Peter Dicky Lee and featuring popular singers and rapper from Sabah like Juraidah Gaus, Dahlia Ramli, Haslinda Haniff, Alan Nee, and the Sabah Idol group, the song was composed by popular singer Janrywine Lusin famed for “Macam Di KK” with lyrics written by RTM’s Arnez Hamidi who also has a hand in Peter’s recent award-winning hit song “Mama”.

In a press statement release yesterday, Peter said “when I first heard the song I was immediately attracted by its lively melody and its hilarious Sabah-Malay lyrics”.

“Lain Kali Lah” tells the story of a man wanting to marry the village belle promising to give her whatever she wants: a car, a house, a good comfortable life with no worries about food or what to wear.

But alas it turns out that he has nothing to offer: no house, no car (rumah tiada, kreta pun pinjam-pinjam), no job and no future – all empty promises.

So everybody in the girl’s camp said “Lain kali lah” – what the girl really wants is someone who fulfills his promises (Janji Ditepati) and who is committed and devoted (Tatap).

“Accompanied by the infectious beat of a fusion of various musical instruments including our ethnic “Kulintangan”, the Chinese “Er-hu”, and the Indian “Tabla” the music blends a winning combination of Hip-hop, Rap, Sumazau and Dangdut,” Peter added.

Though not officially launched in the market yet, the song received a tremendous response from the huge crowds whenever it was performed throughout Sabah during the election campaign, particularly in the Tawau areas.

Regardless of how one interprets the lyrics, the “feel good” factor of the song is undeniable and it is set to become another massive hit for Peter and the Sabah Idol group when “Lain Kali Lah” hits stores end of this month.

Source: The Borneo Post


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