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89%, not 36%, of 9MP allocations spent - State EPU

Posted by Smookiekins On 5/29/2013 10:53:00 AM
Luyang assemblyman Dr Hiew King Cheu should stop harping about the state government not spending all its development allocation under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP), state Economic Planning Unit (EPU) director Datuk Ismail Abdullah said.

Ismail in a statement yesterday said it was regrettable that the DAP Luyang assemblyman continued with his ill-conceived and unfounded attack on the state EPU and the state government citing the purported written reply to his question during the last parliamentary session that RM10.9 billion of the Ninth Malaysia Plan development allocations were not spent.

“I do not know in what context was his question framed and in what context the written answer was given, if what Hiew said was true. All I know is my figures are correct based on the official data that we have.

“There is simply nothing ridiculous about them. It is a fact that 89 per cent was spent during the Ninth Malaysia Plan and there is no two way about it, Ismail said, adding: “We are being professional about the whole thing.

“I wonder if, during his term as a member of parliament, Hiew did learn about how development projects were planned, how projects were evaluated, selected and approved, how ceilings and budgets for various development projects were allocated, how projects were then executed and monitored. It is important to understand the process and procedures as well as terminologies and timing involved so that figures are read and interpreted accurately in its proper context,” he added.

Ismail further clarified that under the current 10th Malaysia Plan, spending for the first two years were 78 per cent and 87 per cent respectively, giving an average of 82.5 per cent. We still have roughly two and half years to go till the end of the 10th Malaysia Plan, and implementation will definitely intensify.
“So how come Hiew is coming up with spent allocation as low as 36 per cent (for the whole period of the Ninth Malaysia Plan). Is the figure not ridiculous? Isn’t Hiew being ridiculous?” asked Ismail.

According to the director, there was no need to ask the state EPU to check the figures as the figures are with the state government and the federal department was concerned all the time and the figures that the state EPU gave were established ones.

Anyway, any unspent amount or unimplemented project would definitely invite scrutiny from the Audit Department, he said.

“The state EPU hopes that Hiew can now put the matter to rest and refrain from making further untrue statements regarding this matter in order to try to belittle the government,” Ismail said.

Source: Borneo Post



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