Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sabah DAP Vice Chairman ditches party, joins Upko

Posted by Smookiekins On 4/13/2013 10:39:00 AM
Penampang: Sabah DAP strongman Edward Ewol Mujie has ditched the party after seven years and switched his allegiance to Barisan Nasional (BN) component party, Upko.

His entry into Upko was welcomed by Upko President Tan Sri Bernard Dompok who observed that Edward's decision to switch parties comes at the time when unity is at the top of the agenda of the State's three Kadazan-Dusun-Murut (KDM) parties.

Edward, who was Sabah DAP Vice Chairman and was also its Karambunai Branch Chairman, said his decision to join Upko came soon after he got to know about the effort to unite the KDMs through 'Gelombang Tataba'.

"Having considered all factors plus the current scenario, I have decided to relinquish all my posts in Sabah DAP and resign from the party with immediate effect. I wish my former comrades the very best and good luck."

Edward said he realised that the unity of the indigenous people is the most sensible thing to consider now that KDM unity is in disarray.

He decided to throw his undivided support to unite the KDM through 'Gelombang Tataba' and join Upko as his platform to assist the unity mission as he found that Upko was sincere in its fight for the rights of Sabahans, especially the KDMs, he added.

"Upko has been very vocal on all issues affecting the rakyat, for example, in finding solutions to the illegal immigrant problem in Sabah. The proposal for the re-issuance of the MyKad which was mooted by Upko is a daring move and deserves full support from all political parties and the rakyat."

He said this at an event to receive new members into Upko, which was held at Kg Putaton Penampang on Thursday.

Dompok, on his part, said he was happy that one of the top DAP leaders in Sabah has decided to join Upko and recognise the effort by BN and the party to strive for the good of the country, in particular Sabah, for the benefit of a better tomorrow for everyone in Malaysia.

"His entry into Upko comes hot on the heels of Upko, PBS and PBRS joining hands together to ensure the unity of the indigenous people of the State and I am happy that our efforts have been seen in the proper light by the people of Sabah. BN has addressed a lot of the issues that have been bothering Malaysians in Sabah and, of course, we will not stop addressing these issues."

Dompok said the BN manifesto has been launched and it seeks to take into account all of the relevant issues that require attention.

"I am sure parties in Malaysia, both opposition and government, have now seen what we are trying to do.

"I now look upon Edward's entry into Upko as a positive response to what has been put forward by the BN at this particular point in our history where we are undergoing an election that has ignited a lot of interest in its outcome.

"I am sure BN is up to it and therefore with people in the opposition joining our ranks it is an indication that the rakyat recognise the good points we are putting forward."

Meanwhile, when asked whether there would be other members of the opposition party joining Upko as well, Dompok said he felt the people are watching what Upko was doing.

"Seeing how serious Upko is in pursuing its struggle, I wouldn't be surprised if more recognised our efforts in this respect."

Meanwhile, on the Prime Minister asking BN component parties not to be disappointed if the choice of candidates and seats were not up to their expectations, Dompok said it was a correct statement as during an election only one candidate will be appointed to contest for BN in each area and of course there would be individuals whose time perhaps has not yet come to be considered as a candidate or may need more time to prepare to serve the people.

"I feel that this is a test for those not picked this time, especially those who are still young.

So I think the advice by the Prime Minister is correct as the party struggle is a matter that takes time to be recognised by component party leaders and also the people that the potential candidate wishes to represent.

"Once the decision is made, it must be accepted by all and we must all work together for the benefit of the party," he said.
Source : Daily Express 

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