Monday, November 5, 2012

State ministry provides 76 spots to 1Azam candidates

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The Sabah Youth and Sports Ministry provided 76 out of 120 places of the Spa Apprenticeship Course to potential participants under the 1AZAM programme.

According to Assistant Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Jahid Jahim, to qualify for the course, the participants' parents must be registered and listed with the e-Kasih system.

An initiative of the Low-Income Households (LIH) NKRA under the GTP, the 1AZAM programme is coordinated in Sabah by the Agriculture and Food Industries ministry.

Jahid, represented by his deputy permanent secretary Haji Awang Damit, was at the graduation ceremony for 23 participants who completed their Spa and Therapy Complementary course conducted by Jari Jari Spa Training Academy.

The LIH NKRA findings showed that there was a shortage of skilled workers, in particular, low number of local workers and training facilities for the spa therapist's position.

Jahid said the Government together with the Tourism Ministry was planning to create 500 qualified local spa therapists to replace foreign therapists by the end of 2013.

“The initiative supported the Government's goal to provide employment opportunities to the people via relocation of jobs filled by the foreign workers.

According to Jahid, the spa and wellness industry was booming and had contributed positively to the growth of the economy and the tourism industry.

“Spa therapists are likely to witness a positive boost in job opportunities in Malaysia by 2013.”

Source: The Star


  1. The Ministry of Youth and Sports in Sabah is confident of getting at least 1,300 hardcore poor out of poverty by the end of the year under the Program Akhiri Zaman Miskin or 1Azam

  2. 20 young people have successfully completed a course in creative sewing under 1Azam organised by the state government and conducted by the Akademi Jahitan Kota Kinabalu

  3. byk program membantu rakyat miskin.


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