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KKIP offers plenty of openings for Bumiputeras in Sabah

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Bumiputeras in Sabah have been urged to seize the many opportunities that are open to them at Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park (KKIP) by entering into various forms of industrial enterprise.

Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park (KKIP)

K.K.I.P. Sdn Bhd chief executive officer (CEO) Dr Tarsiah TZ Taman made this call at a briefing to participants on the second day of ‘Jejak 2012’, a roadshow organised by Bumiputera Agenda Driving Unit (Teraju) of the Prime Minister’s Department jointly with the Sabah Economic Development and Investment Authority (Sedia).

She highlighted existing industrial clusters and new ones that are about to be established in various industrial zones at KKIP, located close to the deep-sea port at Sepangar Bay.

Dr Tarsiah told the participants from 40 Bumiputera agencies in the state that KKIP has so far developed 484 hectares (ha) out of a total of 1,618 ha gazetted by the government for the park.

She invited local Bumiputeras to consider establishing SMIs (small and medium industries) at one of KKIP’s industrial clusters, such as those for halal food, automotive, biotech, rubber or wood-related industries.
The CEO also briefed participants on KKIP’s on-going project to construct ready built factories (RBF), informing them that since the official launching of phase four of RBF in March this year, Bumiputeras have so far purchased only one of the 53 units.

“We have allocated 16 units at RBF4 for Bumiputeras. We hope more will come forward to utilise our ready built factories for their industrial enterprises.

“We are offering them to Bumiputeras at prices that are lower than the going market price. Construction for 53 units of RBF4 has already started and they comprise terraced, semi-detached and detached factories that are designed to cater for small and medium enterprises,” she said.

Dr Tarsiah said the three categories of factories measuring 3,400 to 11,000 sq ft each, are meant to meet different needs of industrial companies.

She said that previous phases of RBF project had received good response from local Bumiputeras, achieving 42% for Phase 3, 35 and 30% for Phases 2 and 1, respectively, thus fulfilling the statutory government quota of 30%.

Source: New Sabah Times


  1. Diharapkan program yang dilancarkan oleh KKIP akan mendapat sambutan dan sokongan yang baik daripada Bumiputera di Sabah.

  2. Kilang-kilang yang disediakan ini akan disewakan dengan harga yang lebih rendah berbanding di pasaran, diharapkan ada pengusaha tempatan yang berminat untuk mengambil peluang yang baik ini.

    1. ini satu usaha dalam membantu usahawam buniputera, gunakan peluang ini.

    2. Usaha kerajaan yang perlu disokong.

  3. I'm glad to see that KKIP is progressively growing into a new township, nurtured by commerce, industry and centre of education and training.. and now they invite local Bumiputeras to establishing SMIs at one of KKIP’s industrial clusters.. this is really a good news showing that the government want local bumiputera to continue to prosper, to perform and be high income earners

  4. Kerajaan mengalakan bumiputera Sabah menceburkan diri dalam perniagaan.

  5. Peluang sebenarnya banyak. Tapi mungkin kebanyakkan bumiputera sabah tidak tahu kepada siapa ingin dihantar perniagaan yang mereka buat itu.


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