Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A small ethnic group within the Kadazandusun community is getting a helping hand from an Australian university to preserve its culture and language.

Students from the Deakin University have carried out studies on the language and culture of the Lotud people at the Linangkit Cultural Village in the northern Tuaran district, a centre showcasing the Lotud's heritage.

There are less than 20,000 Lotud people in Sabah and they live mainly in Tuaran.

State Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Hajiji Noor said the university officials had told him that the Lotud dialect like other languages of minority groups elsewhere around the world would disappear if there are no efforts to preserve it.

“So, if foreigners are so concerned about our culture and language, why can't we?” he asked in a speech to announce a RM1.5mil state allocation to expand the facilities and activities of the cultural village on Monday.

The money will go towards, among others, building a hall and museum to house native artifacts such as the gusi, a jar used for spiritual ceremonies of the Lotud people.

Hajiji, also the Tuaran state assemblyman, said the cultural village that was set up several years ago had attracted thousands of local and foreign visitors.

Hajiji also announced a RM100,000 allocation to improve the Lotud House at the Kadazandusun cultural village in Penampang in preparation for the Kaamatan (Harvest) Festival.

Source: The Star



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  2. Kalau orang luar ingin menjaga budaya dan bahasa Sabahan. inikan pula orang Sabah yang empunya budaya dan bahasa itu sendiri.

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  4. tiap2 bangsa mempunyai keunikan bahasanya


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