Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Intruders could face murder charges - Nazri

Posted by Smookiekins On 3/06/2013 09:24:00 AM

The terror groups that intruded into Sabah and killed Malaysian policemen could face murder charges, says Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz.

“If they have broken the laws of Malaysia, they can be charged in court,” the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department said after opening a dialogue on establishing a sentencing council here yesterday.

However, Nazri added that the decision to do this, and if so, what charge the gunmen would face, would be made by the Public Prosecutor.

When asked how the Sulu gunmen would be treated, he said if it was a war, the Geneva Convention would come into play.

“However, the incident is an intrusion on the country’s sovereignty, not a war,” he said, adding that because of this, the situation was better dealt with by the police.

For murder, under Section 302 of the Penal Code, those convicted are liable to face the mandatory death penalty.

In the skirmishes between the Sulu armed intruders and Malaysian security forces, eight policemen were killed.

Source: The Star

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