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'pandamania' already begun to be felt in Malaysia

Posted by Smookiekins On 12/17/2012 01:54:00 PM

Panda Bears, cute and adorable, are on the endangered species list. Their habitat, extremely limited diet and poor reproductive and infant survival combine to extremely threaten their survival. 

An adult panda can grow to 3 1/2 to five feet and weigh up to 350 pounds. An adult female pandas give birth once a year and usually produce two cubs in the litter? A newborn cub will weigh around 5 ounces is all white and blind at birth.

Although not known with certainty when the two giant panda named Fengyi and Fuwa will arrive in Putrajaya Wetland Park, but panda fever or 'pandamania' already begun to be felt in Malaysia.

Fengyi and Fuwa is between eight pandas limelight and graced the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Two unique animals will be loaned to Malaysia for 10 years. 

The Chinese government has offered to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the country's diplomatic relations with Malaysia in 2014. 

Fengyi and Fuwa was born on August 23, 2006, at the Wolong Giant Panda Conservation Center in Sichuan province. Now the pandas in Ya'an Bifengxia Panda Base.

Many people are wondering how much can tertannya Malaysia provide suitable habitat and food for these animals. However, an official at the Conservation and Research Center for Giant Panda, Tang Chunxiang, assured that there are ways to overcome the problem.

Malaysia should emulate Singapore way bamboo plant capable of adapting to local conditions and the way they create the right environment for pandas. Often, a wild panda would take half a year to one year to adjust to the new environment. 

Each day, the giant panda spends 70% time to eat. This is because it has the same digestive system of carnivorous animals. So, they can digest food quickly and this makes them easily get hungry. Types of bamboo that pandas feed a nutritious diet that is low. Thus, pandas have to eat about 50 kilograms of bamboo a day to give him enough energy. Pandas eat only 10% of the 50 kilograms, as they only eat certain parts of the plant - leaves and stems. 

Malaysia veterinarians believe Putrajaya Wetland Park is a suitable habitat for pandas. Last October, a group of researchers and delegates from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Malaysia visit Bifengxia Panda Base to explore the space provided for the panda. 

Malaysia veterinarians give some ideas and recommend modifications to be made to the panda enclosure at Wetland Park. China sends pandas to many countries and to date, no reports of the death of these animals. Therefore, veterinarians believe Malaysia will be the same for Malaysia. Fengyi and Fuwa are ready to have children. They are also healthy and fertile condition to breed. 

Fengyi and Fuwa will spur the growth of Malaysia's tourism industry. Panda harmless, approachable and unique. Bamboo feeders do not pose a threat to other animals and humans. In fact, everyone's love of animals. 

Fengyi and Fuwa will not only further strengthen the bilateral relations between Malaysia and China, but also promotes public awareness of panda behavior and the conservation of this not pose a threat to other animals and humans. In fact, everyone's love of animals.

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  1. Malaysia cuma mahu membiakan panda di M'sia untuk tarikan pelancong.

  2. Diharap segala persiapan dan keselesaan panda2 tu terjamin dan panda2 tu dapat terus hidup di Malaysia.

  3. jaga panda tu baik2.


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